Financial Goals

A GOAL is a dream with a deadline!

"I believe we all share similar financial goals. While some are more important than others, each individual has a set of financial priorities for his or her life. Below, I have listed some of my personal financial goals. I entered the financial services industry to help as many people as possible reach theirs."

I want to:

  • Accumulate enough wealth to live comfortably when I retire (however that is defined).
  • I don`t want to worry about running out of money before I run out of time.
  • I want to maintain my lifestyle.
  • Be able to help my children financially whenever needed, or whenever I want.
  • Be able to fund the education of my children & grandchildren.
  • Be financially able to help my parents in their "twilight years" if they need it.
  • Be able to make a difference to a charity or school or church/synagogue financially.

I believe that a great deal of my success comes from helping as many people as possible feel successful in reaching their goals.