Seide Financial Group is dedicated to assisting our clients in every aspect of their financial lives.

Steven M. Seide

A GOAL is a dream with a deadline!

"The focus of Seide Financial Group is to provide exceptional service to clients. We seek to be an important ally and enhance the quality of life for each family we serve."


We provide holistic Financial Planning and Personalized Investment Management to:

  • Accumulate Wealth
  • Prepare for Retirement
  • Fund Education
  • Protect Family Futures

Each client is important to us.

We strive to provide the most comprehensive and personal service available and have earned a reputation for excellence in our industry. Our goal is to help create and maintain feelings of financial stability and security in each person's mind.

Our staff is very aware that it is important to maintain a "hands-on" approach to financial guidance. Our clients find that our team members are knowledgeable and, more important, dedicated to assisting in making their dreams a reality. We do everything in our power to keep our focus on where our clients want to go, on advising them on how to get there, and continually reminding them of the importance of maintaining a disciplined approach along the way.